june at

*a portuguese love affair*

\\ with one eye on the past //

an exhibition about love, loss, nostalgia and holding onto the present moment

opens june 1st, private view from 6.30pm-9.30pm

on view until june 30th





‘With One Eye on the Past’, shown for the first time at A Portuguese Love Affair, is a sensory tale of love, loss, survival and legacy, by graphic artist The Fandangoe Kid.  The artist visually documents the experience of returning to Portugal alone, following the traumatic loss of her family.


‘In 2011, my mother, sister and sister’s partner were killed in a helicopter crash in New York, turning my world upside down and changing my life forever. My father, the only survivor of this crash, died at the end of 2016, having lost a long battle with cancer.


My work handles love, loss, family legacy and survival, predominantly through the spectrum of anecdotal visual narrative. 


‘WITH ONE EYE ON THE PAST’ reflects on a childhood spent in Portugal and the emotional response to returning there alone for the first time, without my family. The visual narrative charts my journey from agonising nostalgia and longing, towards the present moment. Having spent so long being immersed in grief; either clinging to the past and yearning for those lost, or projecting towards the future and aspiring to an unattainable idea of happiness, I spent a long time neglecting the present. 


Returning to Portugal, I went through all of those necessary and familiar stages again, before urging myself to concentrate on the here and now. Whilst Portugal will be forever imprinted on my consciousness for the beautiful times spent together in the past, I have now started to reframe and reappropriate. With this change of approach, the weight of the past is made lighter; the anticipation of what the future may hold is less pressured and the enjoyment of the present moment becomes all the more vital.’