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Pre-order your limited edition vinyl from Rom Boyd: Dancing on Borrowed Time.


Part of the Fandangoe Discoteca Kickstarter, to raise money for a touring disco for grief release and mental health, this vinyl is an Italo Disco gem, with 4 songs :


Sogni D'Oro

Dancing on Borrowed Time




Sogni D'Oro features vocals from The Fandangoe Kid, as a love letter to her sister Sonia, taken from her book Tender Hearted Bold Moves, published by Rough Trade Books.


All songs written, produced and performed by Rom Boyd, with Maz Abu-Hejleh (vocals), Jon Baxter (percussion), Rosie French (songwriting), Lara Haworth (vocals) and Annie Nicholson (vocals, songwriting). Special thanks to Christoph Bauschinger and James Welch. Recorded at Casetta Studios, London.

Limited edition vinyl -- 10 only

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