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the fandangoe kid  is a London based print artist who makes large-scale narrative driven pieces for the public realm. Her work seeks to smash taboos around complex subject matters such as loss, trauma release, mental health and gender constructs. 


The artist has created work for a wide range of purposes, for example with her ‘Staircase of Dreams’ for London Design Festival 2020, working with young people to develop a collective narrative on daily activism.


During the first lockdown, The Fandangoe Kid redesigned nurse’s scrubs for Marie Curie x NHS London, working with a palliative care nurse via Zoom to develop the uniform, celebrating International Year of the Nurse. The artist’s work was shot for a feature about grief and mental health for Channel 4, looking at the importance of her practice in the pandemic.


The Fandangoe Kid also works in film and screened her first short Into Your Light, directed with Tara Darby, at Tate Modern and on the Manhattan Bridge, looking at dancing as a tool for survival following great personal loss.


For summer 2021, Annie launched The Fandangoe Whip, an ice cream van for mental health. The project has been commissioned by Tate, South London Gallery, Design Museum and many other institutions to deliver ice cream and workshops on creativity as catharsis.


This summer, Annie will take her project The Fandangoe SKIP-- a touring and sustainable therapy kiosk for mental health-- across London and to New York City, following a commission by BBC World Service to document her work.


Much of the artist’s work is driven by navigating her own story, following the loss of many individuals in her family back in 2011, her practice being largely underpinned by the will to create a platform for open dialogue around the still taboo subject of grief. 


She has worked with young people in Hackney and inner- city London for over a decade, her remit being to encourage young people from all backgrounds to know themselves better through their creative practice.


Her capsule clothing collection label  has featured in Vogue Italia and been worn at the BAFTAs and sold out her show at Ace NYC. She now makes to order and all pieces can be viewed in her online shop.

Get in touch : hello@fandangoekid.com